PUBG Mobile Season 13 Release Date

Pubg Season 13 has not arrived. But players from all over the world look forward to seeing and experiencing future content. Before the 13 content is leaked in the PUBG mobile season, let’s see what we have in this season with Here.

The PUBG mobile season will begin on May 13, but the latest update to the 0.17.0 patch is now live! After a season full of events, everything is over, but it’s still time to finish your fight pass! The latest update brings a new shotgun, death reps, colorblind mode, Eringel amusement park to celebrate PUBG Mobile’s second birthday and more. We are also ready to bring at least three character masks and multi-weapon masks as part of the Royal Pass awards.

What Is PUBG Mobile Season 13

The new update to PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 is already a live tweet for developers in PUBG Mobile’s official Twitter Identifier. The new update celebrates the second anniversary of the classic Erangel with amusement park mode. Royal Pass Season 13 is “We play together. And it is expected to arrive on March 9. In addition, there is a new Arctic mode, a new DBS shotgun with airdrop weapons, a new arcade mode, a Death Rescue and a Color-Blind mode.

PUBG Mobile Season 13 Royale Pass

Like other Royal Pass seasons, RP Season 12 also has two RP sets with different arts. Players can receive three special outfit sets for the anniversary event. Phantom catalog sets and rigid Veteran sets are prizes for those who get Tier 100 at this Royal Pass. In addition, animation has been added to the mask to look cool and impressive.

PUBG Mobile Season 13 Royale Pass

In addition, the Premium RP Crete also has weapons skins for the K-98, PP-19 Business, and Pan. For example, when you arrive at the RP90 in a premium RP set, you get a colorful PP19 Business skin. In addition, the content will be updated with some new emotions such as turns. There are some other fancy skins, which are also present in every bag of mail.

In addition, players will also get colorful skins for vehicles, hand grenades, and unique jewelry. In addition, as usual, this system will return you a large sum of 600 UC when it reaches the RP100 rank 100.

PUBG Mobile Patch 0.17.0 Contents

Coming with PUBG Mobile Season 12, the update patch of PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 also brought a lot of interesting content to the players.

First, death replays, one of the most anticipated features, have come to the players. This addition allows players to know how they are killed in preparation for the next match. Further, if players suspect their death is due to fraud, they can replay and check it. If it looks like this is a fraud, players can report the fraudsters to assist developers in the anti-chat campaign.

PUBG Mobile Patch 0.17.0 Contents

Moreover, the much-anticipated remade map, Arenzel 2.0, has arrived sooner than Pebbles Mobile Season 13. Earlier, publishers announced that they needed more time to complete the map. But it looks like they worked really hard to release this improved map on PUBG Mobile Season 12.

In addition, the developers give players a more exciting experience with a new amusement park on the Erengel map. You can enter this place and enjoy many fun games. In addition, another Arctic mode was added in which players would kill chickens. A new drone camera also comes with this game mode.

PUBG Mobile Season 13 Royale Pass Details

Celebrate the second anniversary of PUBG MOBILE with new ruble pass reward updates, at the new Royal Pass. Select the final set of two. Birthday themed items are coming back to the store, don’t miss them!

PUBG Mobile Season 13 Royale Pass Details

Improvements have also been made to the purchase and update interface and have also been included for special coupons (available at events).
Players who have not bought a Royal Pass in the last 3 seasons (9, 10 and 11) and players who have enrolled in Season 13 but who have not purchased the Royal Pass in the past have the added benefit of buying this season. Will do
Recently, some items from the Royal Pass were leaked. And sharing what YouTube has to offer.

There are three helmet masks that can be worn this season, including a beautiful dragon look, as well as four bag masks and many, much to the surprise of Wing sites.

A new character: Sarah is coming, which is similar to Victor. Improve your character to gain skills.

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